Our Services

Create. Communicate. Connect.

Creating Content: Not just any content, but content that’s relevant to what you do – or what your clients need. We work closely with you to identify exactly how you and your company benefit your clients. We’ll use that information to develop and deliver engaging messages, compelling stories and information that resonates with your markets and initiates action.

Communications: We communicate using all the channels and tools available, including traditional print and broadcast and digital channels such as video, email, blogs, social media and sponsored content. We add in in-person-meetings, conferences and events as well. How do we know which ones to use? We find the platforms, media and channels your clients and potential clients are active on. Where are they going to gather information so they can make educated business and buying decisions? That’s where we want to focus your messages.

Making connections: We know a lot of people, and we love connecting  colleagues who may be able to help one another.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Media Relations
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Sponsorship Programs
  • Community Outreach
  • Branding & Messaging
  • Direct Marketing
  • Event Planning & Promotion
  • Marketing & Collateral Material
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Whatever needs to get done

In partnership with trusted professionals, we also provide:

  • Advertising
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Development
  • Video Production
  • Promotional Items
  • Photography
  • SEO

Process: How we work

Where do we start?

  1. Discovery meeting – Either via phone or in person, we’ll discuss your products and services, goals and what marketing programs you have tried in the past or are currently implementing. What worked, what didn’t, what you liked, what you didn’t like.
  2. Research – We’ll research your industry, competitors and marketing and media opportunities. Where are your clients and potential clients getting their information? What platforms are your competitors using?  What are the hot media topics today, and what will they be tomorrow?
  3. Targets – We’ll identify and prioritize who we need to communicate with — whether it’s media, clients, potential clients or a combination of targets.
  4. Plan – We’ll create a fluid, strategic plan that will serve as the foundation for PR or marketing activities going forward. Due to the constantly changing world of communication, this plan will evolve as we work. Which leads us to #5….
  5. Implement – We’ll execute according to the plan, allowing for changes and updates as new opportunities arise. In other words, we are always looking for new ways to publicize your company.
  6. Review – We’ll monitor and revise results on an ongoing basis and make adjustments as needed.

How much will it cost? As with most questions about marketing, the answer is: “It depends.” It depends on a variety of factors: your goals; length of project; scope of services; whether yours is a national, local or regional campaign, a one-time project or ongoing work.

To give you an idea, we can bill:

  1. Per project, such as a special event. Minimum of $5,000
  2. Ongoing monthly retainer: Minimum of $2,000/month
  3. Full service six-month package: $18,000

Let’s get started!

Contact me if you’re ready to get started, want more information or just have a question.


Partners and Alliances

We’re great at many things, but not everything!  In those cases, we partner with other terrific companies:

What A Great Website – the name says it all! And they created the one you are looking at now!

Xtra Mile Creative – strategic design and branding studio.

LocalIQ. Digital Solutions

Great Guys Inc. for printing, direct mail, procurement solutions, signs, banners, trade show exhibits and promotional items!